Hi! I’m Deborah ( Debbie for short) and I am the Cake Artist and Maker behind Dani’s Delights!

Dani’s Delights is bursting with passion, love and insane levels of creativity and I’m so proud to share it with you! My journey started a couple years ago, born out of love for my late father who is the inspiration behind the name (Daniel).He always loved my food, my cakes and any desserts I made. I wanted to create a brand, something that would survive time as a way to remember him and honour his memory.

My work has always been something very special to me. I started off in the simplest of ways, making small cakes whenever I had the opportunity. A couple years on, I’ve learnt so much about my own personal style of design, allowing me to challenge myself with every cake I create. I wanted so badly to be different, explore different textures that’s when I found my passion for couture cakes.

With every cake design, minimalist or bold, I add my own creative flair to bring them to life! The lesson that each piece teaches me is that I must be one with my mind, spirit and work. The road to my personal success in the harmony of this trio. The creations you see are born from a young, passionate and sensitive soul, a spirit eager to spread light, love and art with the world.

To all of you on this wonderful journey with me, I see you and thank you!

To the sweet soul who inspires my vision, thank you! I love and miss you everyday and I hope I’m making you proud.

5 Fun Facts About Myself

1) I have a Law degree from Canterbury Christ Church University!

2) I can tell you what happens every single episode (almost) of My wife and Kids & Girlfriends is about! I love watching tv shows!

3) I watched Finding Nemo for the first time this year! I know, disgraceful right?

4) I’m a twin!

5) I’m also a digital artist! I started it as a hobby during lockdown and its just the best thing ever!

5) I’ve watched Friends over 20 times and can tell you what a character is about to say before they say it! Tv junkie or what?