Pricing & Portions

Below is a guide for all the sizes and starting prices available for all celebration & wedding cakes. Wedding cake finger portions are cut into a 1 x 1 slices (recommended for more slices) and dessert slices are cut into a 2 x 1 slice.

All our cakes are bespoke, created specially for you!

Please get in touch for final quotes on bespoke celebration cakes.

Celebration Cakes

Cake SizeStarting PricePortion Size (Dessert)
6″from £120Serves 12
8″from £145Serves 24
10″from £165Serves 36
6″ + 8″from £265Serves 36
8″ + 10″from £310Serves 62
6″ + 8″ + 10″from £430Serves 74

Wedding Cakes

All our cakes are unique and designed individually so we will quote your price on creation of your final design. We love show stopping, memorable cakes that represent our couples in the best way! Our cakes are determined by 4 main factors:

Cost– Ingredients and Materials

Time– How long it takes to create your chosen cake

Size– The number of cake portions

Design– The complexity of your chosen design. We take the utmost care to create insane creations you won’t forget

Cake SizeStarting PricePortion Size (Finger)
6″ + 8”from £470Serves 60
8″ + 10”from £680Serves 100
6” + 8” + 10” from £750Serves 120
6” + 8” + 10” + 12” from £1000Serves 200